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Skoon: 17: Dang full of Xmas spirit for sure.
Definitely some good creativity in the lingerie. I particularly enjoy FLutterhsy's. Where it falter's to me is the faces and proportions. The style can use some perfecting. And I can't really tell if the faces are meant to be humanized or not.

Milkshake 13: Woah fluttershy! O.o (lol pinkie's chin so manly xD)

Inky 18.5: I remember saw a sexy naruto pic with the same poses.
Not so original, but great tribute to the source, and each outfit fits well to the characters

Skoon: 16:
In the way of spirit much of it seems to be an afterthought. Which is okay in grand scheme. By sexiness it is tentacles, and the pony is very cute. I assume male, but I could be wrong. The only minor killer to me personally is the nose bleed. But the quality of the piece. Now that's a high ranker. Even with conservative color it appeals to my eye. This is something I enjoyed looking at.

Milkshake 9:  This is...hmm. This well made and all but I wouldn't say I find it sexy. Scary at best.

Inky 20: Candy cane, tentacles, nosebleed and panties = great combo. I love the painted look of the drawing.



Skoon: 30: This is a winner in all three categories for me. The mistletoe is a humorous and welcome addition. The quality of the art and color is top notch. And come on, we all know she's a sexy pony. lol

Milkshake 16: oh Trixie you naughty mare. Nice one. Luv the colors and its simplicity.

Inky 19.5:  I have rarely seen Trixie sexiest then that. Cool background and outfit, especially.

65.5  <---second


Skoon: 18: This is a very charming and lovable piece. And I can tell some real thought went into it. You can't get much more spirit than this! It's only failing is seeming out of place for an adult content oriented contest. But the other aspects are so great that I find its entirely forgivable.

Milkshake 10:  This is cute but a snowman is the only thing that got erected on this picture.

Inky 8: Looks like the original theme of the contest is missing. Too bad, The scene takes place in winter, obviously, but
there's no real chirstmas spirit and sexiness behind the drawing. Take a real look at the rules next time !



Skoon: 12: First thing, her face is very cute. Twilight is full of the spirit. And the velvet texture is very good. Unfortunately it all kind of falls flat from there for me. The blue background actually makes the picture slightly hard to look at.

Milkshake 8:   A little too simple maybe. I'd totally eccept her as a present though.

Inky 13: reindeer antler is a good idea.
The drawing itself seems a little sloppy, made too quickly, and it's more cute then sexy. It could have been worked a little more.



Skoon: 27: Another great one. Celestia is always a great choice for sexy. The outfit is designed very well, the colors are great, and the general quality of the drawing is pretty good. I really love the bell collar.

Milkshake 16:  Mother of Celestia! I love her wings xD

Inky 25:  Amazing work, the drawing is good in every category.
Colors are shiny and catch easily the eye, the outfit is sexy and the technique looks mastered. Great quality.

68 <----first


Skoon: 6: I'm not really sure what to say. This one seems out of place in all three categories. It's hard to think "Christmas spirit" with Pinkamina, and there are no adult themes, and the art itself is a bit too novice to stand against some of the other works presented. I did give it some bonus spirit points for the sense of humor.

Milkshake 5: Sorry but... Seriously?

Inky 11.5:  Only santa hat and misteltoe? Made too quickly for a contest like this. The lollipop effect is kinda tasteless, why not let the tongue out?
Also, the sexy side of the drawing is only visible to the most perverse of us, and the text try desperately to help. Too bad.



Skoon: 25: Yet another good one. I am not personally into Twist but the concepts here are damn sexy. And man oh man the colors are beautiful to look at. I love them against the dark backdrop, it gives the picture a moody quality. As far as spirit, well she seems to have it! Everywhere. lol

Milkshake 14:  I was gonna make a sex joke but I couldn't. So that's how she earned her cutie mark!

Inky 24: The candy cane is a nice choice for twist and the christmas spirit. The dark tone of the background make the scene very intimate, with only the gardan's light.
And there's a real big work behind the ambiance.

63 <----third


Skoon: 16: This one made me laugh. Fluttershy as a dom is always humorous to me. I'd say the sexy dial was cranked to max on this one. Quality isn't too bad either. A few anatomical flaws but minor and easy to overlook.

Milkshake 13: I found this pic a tad funny. That expression on Macintosh's face is great

Inky 18: Ahahah, funny picture. Great humor, sexy situation, and the drawing is well made in general.


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